4th Annual Disabled Outdoorsmen Ice Fishing Event A Great Success

by | Jan 17, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The 4th annual Disabled Outdoorsmen Ice Fishing event was a huge success on Saturday at Steinaker Reservoir. Disabled Outdoorsmen co-founder Sidney Smith was thrilled that the event had grown once again even with the colder weather. Among the equipment used to assist participants were track chairs which are all-terrain and make ice fishing as well as a range of activities possible for those with physical disabilities. Disabled Outdoorsmen has track chairs that people are able to borrow even outside of the events. They even give one or two away each year to help those that need them because insurance provides no coverage. Smith explains that the track chair is great for many outdoor activities from hunting and camping to yard work and gardening. Smith says they had a great group of volunteers help at the event, including a local youth group that especially enjoyed getting to know one of the participants their age. Bringing everyone together is what Disabled Outdoorsmen is all about. Smith says their aim is to introduce and promote and inspire the disabled community to get the confidence to get into the outdoors as well as provide an opportunity for able bodied people to get involved and all have a successful experience together. Disabled Outdoorsmen invites all interested in what they do to contact them through DOUtah.org. 

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