What’s The Latest On The Uinta Basin Railway Project?

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

The Uinta Basin Railway is closer than ever to becoming a reality. In fact, when asked what stage the project is at from Day 1 of the feasibility study to project completion, Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Executive Director Keith Heaton answered that the project is about 95 percent there. Of course, he noted that those involved in building the rail may put that number much lower but regardless, the massive amount of legwork to begin construction is practically complete. Evans Family Media welcomed Heaton on air for an interview on Wednesday and he shared nothing but confidence in the project. But what about lawsuits with environmental groups? Heaton said lawsuits are to be expected but they are in a good position to handle them and move forward. Speaking generally of the project, Heaton said, “We have the best people working on this, coast to coast. We’re very confident in where we stand but you do have to work through the process… It does take time and it does take resources. We’re just very grateful that we’ve got local support and that the partners we’re working with are experts in these arenas and are doing a magnificent job.” One partnership Heaton called critical to the project’s success is with the Ute Tribe. “If not for the Ute Tribe and the individuals working on their behalf, we would not be moving this project forward,” stated Heaton. “Their support has made all of the difference.” So what is happening right now on the project? Heaton shared that there is geotechnical work being done to refine the route and they continue to work closely with the federal partners that regulate those types of things to make sure everything is done correctly. Heaton noted that the railway is privately funded and major announcements are expected soon from Drexel Hamilton as they have been working to secure all the capital and equity for the project. Throughout the interview it became very clear that from where Heaton is sitting, things are right where they should be for the Uinta Basin Railway. In his words, “It is going to happen…It’s coming.” Listen to the entire interview by linking through this news story.


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