Vernal Makes Top 10 List Of Places To See UFOs In The U.S.

by | May 2, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Vernal is included on a top 10 list of places to see UFOs in the United States and it is exactly what you think it is. provides descriptions of each of the fun and often quirky towns, including Roswell, New Mexico and Marfa Lights, Texas but there is something different about the Vernal highlight. That’s right. Vernal is just guilty by approximation to Skinwalker Ranch. “The ranch’s numerous owners have long reported tales of UFOs, Bigfoot-like creatures, strange orbs, creatures with glowing eyes, and other paranormal activities,” shares the highlight. “Although Skinwalker Ranch is no longer publicly accessible due to private ownership, camping in the Vernal area at the very least guarantees a spectacular stargazing experience under some of the country’s darkest skies.” Check out the list on

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