Pay Attention To ‘Road Closed’ Signs As US-191 Closed At Utah/Wyoming Border

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

If you’ve heard that US-191 is closed in Daggett County that isn’t exactly true. Daggett County Sheriff Erik Bailey explains that 191 is open and clear all the way to the border where it is closed on the Wyoming side and has snow drifts over 10 feet high in places. There are stretches of weeks nearly every winter when Wyoming closes 191 at the border and unfortunately, every winter Daggett County has to help travelers that have become stuck. “Please pay attention to the ‘Road Closed’ signs,” shares Sheriff Bailey. “We have 3 signs before the border and every year we have at least 3 semis that go around the signs, get stuck, and we have to help get them out.” Another issue has been travelers getting stranded because they follow their GPS on roads without a lot of winter maintenance. Sheriff Bailey says that this scenario has happened when I-80 was closed and travelers were trying to find an open route to Denver but their GPS sent them out to Browns Park and they got stuck. Be safe when traveling in winter conditions!

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