‘Joy Jars’ Service Project To Bring Smiles To Local Children

by | Jan 9, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Uintah High students really stepped up to help the vulnerable in the community last month. Not only did students bring donations for the annual charity Quarter Roll but they also went all in on a special service project. 9th grade English teacher KayLee Butler has been leading the Joy Jars project for several years and this year Uintah High students helped make 238 Joy Jars in 45 minutes. Joy Jars are small plastic jars that contain an encouraging note from a student, a small stuffed animal, small car,  key chain, and a few stickers. “The students were excited to write notes of encouragement and to carefully put the jars together,” shares English teacher Ms. Baumgarten. “They were especially invested knowing that they were going to children here in the Uintah Basin and took pride in their efforts to bring a smile to a sick or struggling child. They really do have empathy and compassion for others because they know what it is like to go through challenging times. It was inspiring to watch them not only put the jars together but to check to make sure every single jar was complete.” The Joy Jars were donated to Uintah Basin Healthcare to be given to children who have to stay the night at the hospital. 

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