DWR: Warmer Weather Means Rattlesnakes Emerging From Winter Dens

by | Apr 17, 2023 | News | 0 comments

It certainly doesn’t seem possible after such a long and late winter but the Division of Wildlife Resources is reminding those getting outdoors to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes as they are emerging from their winter dens. Rattlesnakes are most active during spring and early summer months at dawn and at dusk. However, they can be encountered at all hours, especially in the spring. During the spring and early summer months, rattlesnakes are on the move looking for food, water and mates. Rocky benches, high-elevation slopes and dry canyons are the most common places in Utah to encounter rattlesnakes, often while people are out hiking, rock climbing or biking. However, rattlesnakes can also be encountered at lower elevations and in open areas. Rattlesnakes are protected under Utah law, making it illegal to harass or kill one. Here’s some tips for if you encounter a rattlesnake: Remain calm and stay at least 10 feet from the snake. Do not try to kill the snake. Alert other people to the snake’s location. Keep children and pets away. If you hear a rattle, try to locate where the sound is coming from before you react, so you don’t step closer to the snake or on top of it. For more information, visit wildlife.utah.gov

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