DWR Officers Highlight the Most Common Wildlife Violations in Utah

by | Sep 25, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources want the public to be aware of the most common violations they are seeing so they can avoid them and really enjoy their adventures. In fishing, be sure to have a current fishing license and read the fishing guidebook. You should understand which species must be released, what the daily limit is for each species and what bait is allowed at the waterbody you are fishing. While hunting, “if you want to hunt on private property, you must get written permission from the landowner in advance. Do not trespass — it can result in fines and a class B misdemeanor. In addition to private property, make sure to know where tribal lands are in Utah and don’t trespass in those areas.” This includes knowing where private property is in relation to where you are hunting in case the animal takes off after being shot. To avoid mistakenly shooting the wrong animal, be absolutely sure of your target before taking the shot. Never take the shot if you are not sure and confident. DWR Capt. Chad Bettridge states, “if you make a mistake while hunting or fishing, we highly recommend that you contact DWR law enforcement. When someone self reports, that reduces the likelihood that your license will be suspended. We understand that people get scared or embarrassed but it shows a lot of goodwill and says a lot about you if you immediately take responsibility for your actions.”

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