Concerned About The New Utah Flag? Hearing Tonight At Uintah County Library

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

While Utah’s legislature adopted a new state flag during their 2023 session, a group of Utahns are continuing their efforts to see that the decision be returned to Utah citizens by having the matter added to the 2023 election ballot. As part of the initiative to repeal SB31 and restore the original Utah state flag, public hearings are being held around the state, including a public hearing tonight, June 6th, at the Uintah County Library. Those leading the way with the initiative are mostly the same ones as with the flag referendum that gathered signatures into April. The current initiative is another way to seek having the matter added to the November ballot by gathering signatures. If voters would like to sign the petition to repeal SB31, visit Tonight’s public hearing at the Uintah County Library will start at 7:00pm and all are invited. 

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